Date: 01/13/2022


Thank you to all those who supported our End of Year Appeal!  We far surpassed our goal of $60,000 with a total over $93,000!  Thank as well to our donors who made significant commitments early in our planning to create the matching fund.  This matching fund encouraged many members to participate as over 8% of those solicited answered the call and donated, the best rate in over 12 years.  Because of the number of donors and the size of their donations, we were able to tap the entire matching pool.  Thank you!

More importantly than the money is the great work we will be to do with it.  In accordance with our strategic plan, investment in our web resources including more type-specific content, more skin management content and an increased number of physicians in our referral resources will provide the information our members seek most often.  Funding will also ensure a great conference in June which operates at a significant deficit compared with registration fees.

Thank you, again, for supporting FIRST and this very special community.

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