Date: 03/24/2020

From the MSAB:

Recent news reports of the many uses of CBD oil have generated questions from our members.

What we know:  There are cannabinoid receptors in the skin and skin appendages and nerves but there is very little science behind current claims of cutaneous effects.

What we hope:  We are always hopeful for new therapeutic advances to help with itch, pain, and scale.

What we caution: None of the CBD products are tested or approved for use for skin disease at this time.  The main issues with unregulated products is that we do not know the negative side effects, what other ingredients may be mixed in them (including, for instance, topical steroids, ingredients known to cause contact dermatitis, or other potentially more harmful unknown substances).  Thus, we do not currently recommend the use of these products.  If you are considering exploring the use of CBD products, we recommend discussing (this) further with your ichthyosis physician(s) before starting.

What we recommend:  Those interested in early involvement in the use of CBD-based products can look for applicable studies on the clinical trials website:



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