How to host a FIRST Night Out

  1. Contact your local Major League or Minor League team. Google “________ group sale non profit”. Enter your home team in name the space when you Google it.
  2. Click on the link provided and locate the contact email. (ie,
  3. Determine the date of the game and the stadium section that you’d like to request (please note, some games are blacked out for fundraisers).
  4. Send an email explaining that you’d like to host a fundraiser for FIRST, which is a non-profit (EID 94-2738019).
  5. Once you receive a call back from the baseball team, let them know how many tickets you anticipate needing. It does not have to be specific. They need the number to block out those seats.
  6. Request that you need an online link to purchase tickets. This is the same link that you will share on social media, email and we will use for FIRST social media. The link allows the team to handled sales and distribution of tickets.
  7. Teams sometimes have a fixed amount upcharge that will be the donation back to FIRST. Please confirm that amount so that the online link provided includes the upcharge.
  8. Share the final detailed information with Chris Wassel, so she can promote the event to local FIRST members.
  9. Share the link to all of your contacts, local businesses, schools via email and social media.


  • Some families have also created a raffle (try to get donated items from your local area), sold 50/50 tickets or collected donation to generate an even greater donation to FIRST.
  • Remember to share the ticket link repeatedly with your contacts for best results.
  • Keep in mind that some game times or sections of the stadium are hotter than others. Night time games or shaded sections are best.
  • Ask the MLB team if there are any other opportunities for awareness raising (Jumbotron video, scrolling FIRST website, throw out the first pitch, etc.
  • Have fun, take pictures at the event and send them to Chris

Have fun. Make a difference. (And don’t forget to take photos!)

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