Jean Pickford, Executive Director

Dear Members, Friends and Donors of FIRST,

In this very special issue of the Focus, we are sharing the thoughtful insight of our president, Mike Briggs, and our Chief Financial Officer, Larry Silverman, as they relive the highlights from this past year. However, we are also shifting the focus, just a bit, to an event in the very near future. In fact, it is an event that I might say is the “quintessential” culmination of the past, present and future: The FIRST National Family Conference. We are so delighted to see how many new families we’ll be meeting in Indianapolis, and how many returning members we will be reuniting with once again. There is a palpable “conference energy” stirring amongst staff and board members alike, as we are eager and excited to reconnect with this amazing community. Our roster of workshops, networking opportunities, and special events, is as robust and inspirational as ever.   As always, attendees can expect to hear the most up-to-date medical information regarding skin care, as well as the latest advances in medical research…from the scientists themselves! Our world-class dermatologists will be available for one-on-one clinical screenings and our skin care product samples will be an added bonus. Moreover, attendees can expect new and innovative concepts like an alternative wellness workshop, life changing guidance from a “bullying expert,” and of course, the wisdom and art of our keynote speaker, Rick Guidotti.  If you are unable to attend the conference, we will be bringing as much of the conference to you as possible through our social medial channels –straight from the Hilton- so please stay in touch during the conference weekend, June 20-22. We’ll also be sharing insights, activities, and as much of the “Indy” experience as possible in the summer newsletter, e-news, FIRST website, and social media channels following the conference. 

A long winter has come to an end (thank goodness), leaving a spectacular spring bouquet in its wake. Join me, and FIRST, as we open the windows, breathe in the warm fresh air, and step into the brightest season yet.

All the best,

Jean Pickford

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