Elementary Teachers Designate Contributions in Honor of a Former Student
Olga’s daughter, Olivia, attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas school in Miami, Florida during her elementary years. Olga is also a teacher there.  There is such a great relationship with the staff at the school that Olga went to her fellow teachers and the principal this year to ask them for a favor. Fourteen-year-old Olivia is affected with epidermolytic ichthyosis (formerly called epidermolytic hyperkeratosis, or EHK.)  The teachers at the school participate in the United Way campaign. Olga asked those that don’t have a specific charity designated to consider designating FIRST for their donation. Mr. Rodriguez, the school principal, and 15 teachers joined together and collectively raised $2,500. After the campaign, Olga treated the participants to a breakfast and Olivia and Olga personally thanked everyone. What a wonderful tribute to Olivia and her family that so many teachers responded so well to their plea. Olga wishes to extend special recognition to the people who donated on behalf of Olivia.
Elizabeth Alfonso
Ibis Bovo
Aimee Capote
Barbara Fernandez
Leslie Gonzalez
Patti Guadagno
Agustin Hart
Veronica Hart
Pablo Hernandez
Maria Jimenez
Rita Lopez-Phillips
Elena Martinez
Estrella Mellon
Olga Mena
Isbel Munoz
Todd Phillips
Ana Rodriguez
Rodolfo Rodriguez


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