Paul Pickles
2nd Picklefest in Sumneytown

The family of Paul Pickles,* who was affected with an unknown type of ichthyosis, organized the second 'Picklefest.'  
Drew and Peggy K.
Picklefest 2   was held in Paul’s memory on October 15.  Paul’s friends, Andrew and Peggy K. of Souderton, Pennsylvania, planned and organized this year’s festivities. Picklefest 2, attended by 125 people was a fantastic success! It was held at Camp Sumney in Sumneytown and featured the band, Los Manatees, and DJ Bob Ralston donated his time. The Kerrs secured a multitude of donations for gift baskets that were offered in raffles and the silent auction. In addition to the band, friends, and fun, more than $5,000 was raised for FIRST. The Foundation is truly grateful to Drew and Peggy, Carol E., and all of Paul’s family and friends for all of their hard work on behalf of FIRST.

Paul's sister, Lois enjoys the festivities Some of the many silent auction items that were donated
The beautiful display of baskets that were raffled Paul was with everyone during the event

The Pickles family wishes to extend sincere thanks to Will Juneau, Charles and Jennifer Juneau, Tom and Lisa Cinciripini, Zach Devine, Kara Luther, Mark Black, Becky White, Jeanne Helmar, Ginny Pickles, and Bob and Carrie McCarthy. This event could not have happened without their behind the scenes support.

* Paul passed away in October of 2009 as a result of complications of Hodgkins lymphoma.
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