Francine performs during the show.

Actors Come Together to Support One of Their Own
FIRST member Francine M. is affected with lamellar ichthyosis. Francine received information about Ichthyosis Awareness Month and decided that she wanted to participate and create awareness about ichthyosis.

Francine spent many hours coming up with a list of songs focusing on dealing with differences, overcoming adversity, and ultimately celebrating life. She wanted people to understand that there are many different types of issues out there, whether physical or emotional, but in the end we should be grateful to be alive and celebrate how lucky we are. Once she had the song list in place, Francine reached out to the Villagers Theatre in Somerset, New Jersey about scheduling the event.

When people ask Francine about why she wanted to do the fundraiser, the reason is quite simple. “Over the years, I have been stared at and/or questioned about the way I look. In the past, I've ignored such ignorance.  However, I felt it was time to start raising awareness so that someday in the future, others who suffer from this condition won’t have to endure what I did.”

Approximately 60 people attended the event. Early estimates are that Francine’s efforts raised more than $1,300 with the show itself and the direct donations that were collected.

Cast members perform this one-night-only play. Francine and castmate


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