Date: 01/28/2014

Choosing a healthcare plan in the new marketplace can be tricky, as well as time consuming. However, finding a plan that is best suited for your particular health care needs is a key component to a healthy future. That’s why it’s essential to understand all of the details, differences, and options that are currently available in the marketplace.

As a member of the NHC, FIRST is pleased to share their new “tools” for making more informed health care decisions and assist in the navigation of this often confusing landscape. The National Health Council (NHC) has launched four convenient online resources at, a comprehensive website where you’ll find all the facts about the new health care marketplace.

These new tools include:

1) Estimate My Costs: This tool helps people project how their annual anticipated medical services and drug usage will impact their health care costs across the “metal” (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) plans offered in their state. 

2) Explore My Options: This tool allows people to review a set of six different health scenarios to see how different health conditions, medical and drug use, and metal plans impact out-of-pocket costs.

3) Answer My Questions: This tools informs patients and family caregivers about health care reform and helps people make the right decisions about health insurance that meets their unique health and budget needs.

4) Share My Story:  The NHC will be hosting stories from around the country relating to the “patient experience” while navigating the marketplace. These stories speak directly to the challenges and successes of the new marketplace system.  Patient suggestions are also welcome as this feeback will help improve the health insurance marketplace over time.

Combined, these unique tools will provide people with chronic conditions a more comprehensive picture of their health insurance options.

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