Date: 11/13/2014

“Many children of all ages struggle daily with debilitating and isolating dermatologic diseases. It is the Pediatric Dermatology Research Alliance’s (PeDRA) mission to pursue groundbreaking research so that we might discover underlying causes, better treatments, and one day, cures for many of these difficult diseases.”

Jean Pickford and Keith Choate, MD, PhD

By creating a collaborative network of researchers, PeDRA multiplies the power of individual scientists, enabling them to get together, tackle important questions and gaps in knowledge, and therapeutics for pediatric skin diseases. FIRST was privileged to be invited to the 2nd Annual PedRA Conference, held this past weekend in Chicago.  It was a rare opportunity to network, educate, inspire and be inspired by scientists and fellow patient advocates focused on pediatric dermatologic conditions.  

For the second year in a row, pediatric dermatologists gathered from all over the world to enthusiastically discuss their projects in hopes of meeting other physicians, advocates and organizations that might help to advance their research. Multicenter studies that were represented at the conference included those focused in the areas of birthmarks, inflammatory skin diseases, genodermatoses, and disorders of cornification.

In attendance was FIRST Executive Director, Jean Pickford, who returned home more hopeful and inspired than ever before.   “It is hard to describe the feeling you get when you are sitting in a room with so many talented and devoted physicians who really care about making a difference for these kids.  There were so many great projects and fresh concepts being discussed —it was really quite remarkable. FIRST is proud to be included in PedRA and help advance its mission. This collaborative group is poised to do great things in pediatric dermatology.”

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