Date: 10/22/2015

Patti S., grandmother of 8-year-old Evan M. who is affected with epidermolytic ichthyosis (EI, which was formerly called EHK), operates an online shop on

Patti sells posters, photographs, and necklaces. Patti sends 10% of all of her online sales to FIRST. In addition, Patti features specific items throughout the year and designates 100% of her proceeds to FIRST for those items. One poster, in particular is close to her heart. Evan drew a picture and Patti worked with to have it made into a poster. Winkflash generously donated more than $550.00 of posters for Patti to sell in her shop.

Members of FIRST are always entitled to a 10% discount in Patti's shop.  Enter the code FIRST10 at checkout.

Patti has also introduced desk calendars and wall calendars featuring views from Maine.  For each calendar sold, Patti will donate $5 back to FIRST!

Visit Patti's shop    
View the poster that Evan created
Posters were created and generously donated by
   View Evan's poster on pinterest    
  View the Desk Calendars at Patti's shop    
View the wall Calendars at Patti's shop    


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