Adam and Matthew Klafter meet Arnold Schwarzenegger

When Mike Briggs, President of FIRST's Board of Directors was approached by a scouting crew to use his home on Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Georgia for an upcoming movie, the answer was simple. 

Mike poses at Arnold's chair during the production

“I told them they were free to film at my home, as long as they agreed to donate all of the rental fees associated with the use of my property to FIRST,” said Mike Briggs, whose term as  President of FIRST began in January 2013.  “When the producers heard that, they decided to make the donation larger and have donated $35,000 to the Foundation. We couldn’t be more thrilled.”

The Briggs’ family home was filled with cameras, equipment, cast, and crew members of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s newest movie during December.  In fact, the entire street was transformed with trailers lining the roadway during production.

Filming wrapped up recently, and stars on the set, including Schwarzenegger, had a meet and greet with Briggs’ grandson Adam K., who is affected with epidermolytic  ichthyosis.   The movie, “Ten” is slated to come out next year.

“Although there is no known cure for this disease, donations such as this will assist us to fund research to help us not only get closer to a cure, but to better manage the disorder,” said Jean Pickford, Executive Director of FIRST.

As a result of this, local newspaper and radio outlets have publicized the donation.  Articles about the donation appeared in the Gainesville Times and also the Cumming Patch and Buford Patch publications.

Additionally, Mike was interviewed on WDUN radio's Bill and Joel Morning Show.  What a great way to help FIRST and raise awareness about ichthyosis and our Foundation!

Many thanks to Mike for all of his efforts.

The production trailers line up along the Briggs' street Arnold in character Many scenes take place on the dock behind the house









Listen to Mike's radio interview

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