photo provided by Standard Chartered Marathon
Durreen crossing the finish line
Durreen S., of Singapore, is the mother of 6-year-old Aliya, who is affected with  CIE.  Durreen runs regularly, but is not an avid marathoner.  However, she decided to participate in races as a way to raise money for FIRST.  Durreen participated in a race in August, and in December, participated in the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 half marathon.  More than 14,000 runners participated in this event. Durreen thinks of running as a form of meditation, so this was a perfect way to combine something she loves with helping the Foundation.  She advertised her run on her facebook page to secure help from her family and friends. Durreen’s efforts raised $10,000 for the Foundation.  FIRST is very appreciative to Durreen and her friends and family for their efforts.
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