Jesse is an 11-year-old fraternal twin from Patterson, California that was diagnosed with X-linked ichthyosis.

He is in 5th grade, a Transformer fanatic, and loves to read mystery and scary stories.

He likes to play outdoors with his best friend, Steven. On any given day you will find the boys skateboarding, bike riding, playing video games, or coming up with creative ways on how to make Jesse’s sister’s life a bit more exciting.

He's been part of the ATA Taekwondo association for the past 6 years and currently tested to receive his black belt!

At home, Jesse uses daily cream and moisturizer ointments, and we periodically exfoliate Jesse's skin, as well as ears and scalp. He's an active busy little man, and in the summer and winter seasons, extra care is taken to maintain his skin.

Jesse always wanted to meet others with his same condition and would love to communicate with other children like him.

Thank you for reading my story about my son Jesse.

Paula (Jesse's Mom)
Patterson, California

Jesse's story was featured during ichthyosis awareness month 2012.  To read all of the stories featured during Ichthyosis Awareness Month 2012, click here.


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