A Girl's Night Out at Glazed & Fired Pottery & Art Studio

FIRST member Sam Z. and her husband Brian are the proud parents of 3-year-old Cate. Cate is affected with lamellar ichthyosis
Sam and Brian were so thankful for the help and support they received after Care’s birth that they wanted to give back. Sam held an event in May, called High Heels & Handbags ~ a Girl’s Night Out at Glazed & Fired Pottery & Art Studio. The studio generously offered the location for the evening at a discount and then donated a percentage of any pottery painting proceeds from the evening. Sam created a facebook page for the event and advertised with friends and family. There were dozens of donations from friends, family and businesses of handbags that could be sold the night of the event. In addition, Sam put several handbags up for auction on the facebook page.  Facebook friends bid on the handbags right up until the 9:00 pm deadline.
The evening was a terrific success! Approximately 60 people attended this Girls Night Out and purchased like-new handbags and shoes. An additional 125 people participated in the Facebook auction. There was also a raffle. Many items were donated. Participants purchased tickets in hopes of winning an item.
Sam has a close group of friends who wanted to help her with the event. They where instrumental helping this evening become the success that it was.
The efforts of Sam and her friends raised more than $2,000 for FIRST! We are so appreciative of everyone’s hard work on our behalf.

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