A Night for Women of Jewelry, Food, and Friends

Edie W. is the grandmother of 9-year-old Adam K., who is affected with EHK. She has held many fundraisers for FIRST over the years.  On Wednesday evening, June 8 Edie hosted a Girls Night Out at the home of her close friend Carmella Corbo, which was attended by approximately 100 people and raised more than $2,800 for FIRST.
Edie is very grateful to her friends who worked tirelessly to make this
event so successful. She extends her sincere thanks below.
GOD did not give me sisters, he did much better.  He gave me angels, as friends.  Very recently we girls came together just for a little fun and to play cards and within two months, these wonderful ladies opened up their homes and their hearts to FIRST. Carmella Corbo opened up her beautiful home for this evening. Joann Marra and Tina Paul spectacularly catered the event. I also extend a special thank you to Michelle Marra and Melissa Marra for their wonderful efforts.   All the ladies worked tirelessly to procure the wonderful donations for our raffle. We showcased and offered unique, one-of-a-kind pieces from Edie's Beadies.
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