Game On!


The word alone conjures feelings of connectedness, excitement; a heart thumping storyline, whose ending is yet to be told. 

And like the soul of an athlete and the heart of a true sports fan, we will never give up on the story; our story. You see, it’s one that begins with a fight for better treatments for ichthyosis and, with hope, ends with a cure. (This is also referred to as winning).

And with the passion and excitement of professional sports filling the pages in between, we really can’t go wrong.

How Does this Work?

Each and every sports organization that supports FIRST graciously gives us a game night (FIRST Nights Out) to call our own. In addition to a portion of the proceeds from group ticket sales, game night packages often include a special “position on the field”— including a block of seats, special signage, announcements, and sometimes even a shout out on the jumbotron!

In fact, the opportunities to attend or coordinate memorable and meaningful fundraising events or “FIRST Nights”, at games near or in your hometown, have nearly doubled in size. From coast to coast, professional or minor sports teams nationwide are stepping up to support the mission of FIRST.

View FIRST's Calendar of Events to see if there is an event planned near you.  If not, you can host an event of your own.  Contact Lisa Breuning at to find out how.

FUN + Fundraising = FIRST NIGHTS

Imagine all the excitement of tailgating with FIRST friends and catching your favorite team dominating a stadium of thousands! For sports fans, or those who just like to hang out with friends, have a good time, and support a worthy cause—this may be the easiest, most enjoyable way to raise money for a cause so close to your heart.  

Click on the logo of your team above to find out the FIRST Night details. You can simply attend the event, or even volunteer to help coordinate.

Plan a FIRST Event of Your Own!

We invite you to plan a FIRST Night Out of your own! If your team’s event or logo is not on this page, or an event has not yet been planned for your team, give us a shout. We’ll guide you every step of the way.  Plus once the team and the date is chosen, we’ll promote your event through all of our online and offline marketing materials. 

Most sports organizations are brimming with enthusiasm to get involved. We’d be happy to give them a call and welcome them to our team.

Contact Lisa Breuning, Director of Operations, for more information at

Have fun. Make a difference. (And don’t forget to take photos!)

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