It never ceases to amaze us how touched people can be by the ichthyosis community.  In fact, after being introduced to ichthyosis and FIRST at the conference in Indiana, photographers Heath and Ashley Shanahan and videographer Daniel Scott, felt compelled to get involved and help the cause in any way possible.  

Soon after the conference we received word that the Shanahans and Scotts would be coordinating a FIRST Night at the Indianapolis Indians on August 9th! But not only that, they graciously shared information about ichthyosis and the FIRST community online, and throughout their social medial channels as well.  As for the game, in Heath’s own words, “The game on Saturday was fantastic!  We sold 82 tickets, raising over $400 for FIRST, and at least 4 FIRST members and their families were in attendance!  The weather ended up being perfect, and it was a really great game.”  Plus, they were able to connect with FIRST members Beth and Joel Hampshire, and discuss the possibility of planning future activities. 

Additionally, we are grateful to the Scholl, Conrad, and Curtis families for showing their support and attending the game. And, of course, a big thank you to Shannahans and Scotts…as well as warm welcome to the FIRST family!


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