International Groups



Please note that these sites are in the language of the native country.



Neither the Foundation, its Board of Directors, nor its Medical & Scientific Advisory Board endorse any of the treatments, products or information provided on the links.


Chinese Ichthyosis Association Website-Click Here Chinese Ichthyosis Association:
European Network-Click here European Network
French Site-Click here French National Association of the Ichthyoses and Pathological Dry Skin
Friends of Ichthyosis-ClickHere Friends of Ichthyosis: (UK)
Ichthyosis Association of Monaco-Click Here  Ichthyosis Association of Monaco
Ichthyosis in Ireland
Ichthyosis Support Group (UK)-Click Here Ichthyosis Support Group: (UK)
Italian Union of Ichthyosis-Click Here Italian Union of Ichthyosis
Japanese Ichthyosis Association-Click Here Japanese Ichthyosis Association
Netherlands Ichthyosis Network
NIRK-Click here Network for Ichthyosis & Related Keratinization Disorders: (NIRK - German)
New Zealand Support Group-Click Here New Zealand Support Group - Rachel Davidson
Polish Ichthyosis Society-Click Here Polish Ichthyosis Society
Self-Help Ichthyosis Bavaria - Click Here Selbstilfe Ichthyose - (Self-help ichthyosis - Bavaria, Germany)
Samuel Hardgrave Harlequin Ichthyosis Research Trust
Spanish Association of Ichthyosis-Click Here Spanish Association of Ichthyosis
Swedish Site-Click Here Swedish Site (All for Parents)


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