Through the Coalition of Skin Diseases, we have learned of a book that might be helpful to children. The book is Different Just Like Me and it was written by Lori Mitchell, whose daughter has vitiligo.

There is no mention of vitiligo in the book, only meeting people who are different than the main character, April. The story is told from the point of view of a little girl anticipating a visit to her grandmother’s house. Each day that she is waiting for the trip, the little girl encounters someone who is different, someone who is either older, speaks another language, has a disability, or is of a different race, But, in each situation, that person is doing the same thing that April is.

The book is available on Amazon and most likely also at your local library. You can also visit the website for the book.

FIRST is very excited to announce that Medical & Scientific Advisory Board members Drs. Peter Elias and Mary Williams, along with Debra Crumrine and Dr. Matthias Schmuth, have published a book on ichthyosis titled ICHTHYOSES Clinical, Biochemical, Pathogenic and Diagnostic Assessment. The authors hope that the book will prove to be a useful resource for families who would like to learn more about their condition. It will also be a useful tool for the staff at FIRST and is available on for purchase. Throughout their careers, Peter and Mary have been tireless advocates for patients with ichthyosis. FIRST is very grateful for their efforts on behalf of those affected with ichthyosis.


FIRST Medical & Scientific Advisory Board members Drs. Peter Elias and Mary Williams have published a book about their experiences from time spent in Ethiopia.  This volume contains reflections on their experience - in haiku-form poems and in photographs that illustrate these experiences.  They are graciously donating a percentage of the sales of this book to FIRST.  You can preview the book here.

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