Each family had the opportunity to thank those in attendance.
MOMS Club® holds Bids for KIDS silent auction and dinner
by:  Glenda Charlene R.
St. Joseph, Michigan
The MOMS Club® of Stevensville/South St. Joseph, Michigan held a fundraiser in March, and designated FIRST as a beneficiary of a portion of the proceeds! Two other foundations were also chosen to receive funds. Seven-year old Logan, affected with CIE, has been actively involved in the club with his family since he was two. 
Logan, center, with the other 2 children who were also featured during the evening
The fundraiser, which cost $40 per ticket for entry, consisted of an Italian dinner, held at an upscale local restaurant, Santaniello’s, and a silent auction. Local businesses and MOMS Club members were asked if they would donate items and services to be put up for bidding at the auction. Countless people came through with unbelievable generosity.   Our family was deeply touched by the outpouring of support from our community, by the countless prizes that were offered, and by the many people who worked so hard to make the evening wonderful.
Especially touching was the generosity and goodness of everyday people, some of whom wanted to remain anonymous in their giving. A man showed up the night of the event and donated $80, saying he had seen the flyer advertising the evening in a local bakery and just wanted to support the cause. There are numerous examples of similar generosity.
Our family, with our four young children, went door to door to sell tickets in upscale neighborhoods (in the freezing cold February weather!) But we could not have imagined what a wonderful experience it would be for us. We met some of the kindest people on earth! They invited our family into their warm homes to hear us explain the fundraiser and FIRST, and to learn about ichthyosis. Our family had such a great experience educating people together as a family. Some people even wrote checks to the MOMS Club knowing they could not attend the event. 
Looking over the items available in the silent auction.
The night of the auction, several couples we had met by knocking on their doors were kind enough to purchase multiple prizes. One couple bought a huge gift basket of toys then presented it to our family! It was so wonderful for our children, especially Logan, to feel that kind of support from people whom we did not even know before. Our kids continue to enjoy playing with the toys they ‘won’ at bids for KIDS! The experience as a whole will be a memory we will cherish. 
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