Family and restaurant staff overhwelmed with support.

Adam and Megan K., are the proud parents of three-year-old Emma Joy and Austin, one year old, both of whom are affected with lamellar epidermal nevus.
During Ichthyosis Awareness Month in May, Adam and Meghan decided that they wanted to have an event to raise funds for FIRST and awareness about ichthyosis.
The family had attended fundraisers at Souplantation in the past and thought it would be a good opportunity for them to try. The basis for the event is that participants bring a flyer to Souplantation on the night of the event, and a portion of the proceeds generated from those sales will benefit FIRST. They planned their event for May 19, and began handing out flyers to friends and family hoping to have 30 or so participants attend. However, those family and friends also gave out flyers to additional friends. More than 275 people attended the event on behalf of the Knabe family. On a normal Thursday evening, the restaurant serves approximately 30 patrons, but on this evening, the store doubled their sales, serving almost 600 people. The Souplantation staff and the family were overwhelmed by the turnout! The line was out the door almost the entire evening.
Many thanks to Souplantation, Adam, and Megan for their efforts and raising more than $550.

Adam, Emma, Megan, and Austin A wonderful turnout! Emma works the room
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