J.R. with his teammates.
Danielle with her teammates.

J.R. and his sister Danielle, along with their mother Jill, held their annual basketball tournament. It was another great success! This year’s event was hosted Newman University in Wichita, Kansas, where Danielle attends as a graphic design major. She marketed the event on the campus website and developed a facebook event page advertising the tournament. Newman University added an article about the event in their newspaper. This really created awareness throughout the campus about ichthyosis and FIRST.
Participants paid $15 each to play and received a t-shirt that was designed by Danielle. The winning team received movie tickets to a local theater. Each year this basketball tournament grows. Plans are beginning for another year at Newman University. 
More than $500 was raised at this great tournament. 
The Foundation is very appreciated to the J.R., his family and Newman University for their efforts.
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