It Makes Cents to Help FIRST

It Make Cents to Help FIRST
is a national fundraising campaign that is taking place during the spring in celebration of Ichthyosis Awareness Month this May.  Families throughout the country are participating in various coin collecting activities.  Elementary school-aged students are participating in the Penny Challenge.

There are so many creative ways to collect change!

  • Work with your school to host a Penny Challenge change collection contest between classrooms
  • Decorate canisters and place them at local businesses, church events, community or sporting events, or wherever people are gathering
  • Decorate baggies and give them to family and friends and ask them to help you collect change
  • Collect change at your workplace
  • Host a bake sale or candy sale and send proceeds into FIRST

Listed below are the resources you will need to help you get started.  As always, you can contact Chris Wassel at the FIRST office with any questions or ideas.

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