Community Yard Sale Benefits FIRST!
Foundation members Derek and Jennifer Hotchkiss, recently moved into the Bucks County area. The family has been warmly welcomed by a wonderful community of friends and neighbors. Every year, the residents of the Mountain View neighborhood in Warwick Township hold a community-wide yard sale. The participating families designate an organization to donate their proceeds. This year, after meeting Jennifer and her 4 year old daughter, Grace, who is affected with Lamellar Ichthyosis, the yard sale organizers decided that the proceeds of this yard sale be donated to FIRST.
The sale was a tremendous success raising almost $1,400 for FIRST!
Even the youngest participated. Grace and her sister Claire had a lemonade stand at the sale and raised money on their own.
FIRST is very grateful to the Hotchkiss Family and the Mountain View neighbors for their generosity.
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