FIRST's friend, Tommy is the NFL's biggest little fan!

Tommy is on the move!!! In an effort to broaden ichthyosis awareness,  Suzanne & Eric Phelps have enlisted the help of FIRST to reach out to every team in the National Football League. Tommy, "the NFL"s biggest little fan," is traveling via the US Post Office to every NFL team with the goal of gaining each team's support and a donation of a team jersey or other item. After all 32 donations are received, they will be auctioned off at the Dane's Friends for FIRST 2013 event.

Tommy began his trip from the FIRST office in early November.  During his cross country excursion, each team has been asked to send in some pictures of Tommy's visit. The photos have been coming in to the FIRST office! There are pictures of Tommy his new friends from the NFL teams. We hope to have photos from all 32 NFL teams.  Tommy is helping to generate nationwide awareness about ichthyosis and also creating excitement for the 2nd Annual Dane's Friends for FIRST Concert to be held on September 7, 2013.

Tommy's journey during the 2012/2013 season

The Indianapolis Colts (more)


The San Francisco 49ers (more)



The Denver Broncos

Tommy stops in Denver to visit with the Broncos and he looks great in his Peyton Manning shirt.  He also poses with the autographed photo of tight end Jacob Tamme at the FIRST office.                                          


The Philadelphia Eagles

Tommy flew into the Eagles Nest and got a lift from Defensive End Vinny Curry.                                                                


The Cincinnatti Bengals

Tommy visits the Cincinnati Bengals locker room with #97 Defensive Tackle Geno Atkins and then tries on Geno's autographed jersey.                                                            


The San Diego Chargers

Tommy watches practice at Charger Park and gets some pointers from Defensive Tackle Antonio Garay.   When he returned to FIRST, he posed with the Chargers donation, highlighted by the autographed photo of free safety Eric Weddle.                  


Seattle Seahawks (more)

Tommy with Seattle Seahawks Strong Safety, Kam Chancellor(left) and with John Moffitt and Russel Okung (right)                                        


Cleveland Browns

  Tommy pays a visit to snowy Cleveland and hangs out at  Cleveland Browns Stadium.  He then shows off the autographed photo of Pro-Bowl player Joshua Cribbs.


Baltimore Ravens (more)

 Tommy checked out the Ravens' locker room and facilities.                                                                                                              


Oakland Raiders

Tommy visits the Raiders facilities with Jacoby Ford and then shows off the autographed photo of running back Derrick McFadden that the Raiders sent.


Kansas City Chiefs

  The Chiefs sent Tommy back with an autographed photo of Pro-Bowl linebacker Derrick Johnson.                    


Arizona Cardinals

 The Cardinals outfitted Tommy with his own hat, one for a friend, and a t-shirt.                                                             


Pittsburgh Steelers

 The Steelers sent Tommy back with a team photo and an autographed jersey from wide receiver Mike Wallace.


Houston Texans

 Tommy tours the Houston Texans facilities.                             


Minnesota Vikings (more)

           Tommy stopped by the Mall of America field to see the Minnesota Vikings facilty.           


Atlanta Falcons

Tommy stopped by the Georgia Dome to see the home of the Atlanta Falcons.
He enjoyed the signed Matt Ryan jersey that they sent back to FIRST!

"Our loss is huge, but our greatest joy is in knowing that his life can still make a difference for others here on earth."

As many know, Eric and Suzanne are the proud parents of beautiful Dane Christian Phelps who passed away in 2008 when he was just 3 years old.  The family hosted the 1st Annual Dane’s Friends for FIRST Concert in September 2012 in San Jose, California to honor his memory.
It was an extremely successful event that not only raised over $20,000 for FIRST’s mission to Educate, Inspire, and Connect those touched by ichthyosis, but it also spread ichthyosis awareness to the San Jose community.  Look for all of the details about the 2nd Annual Dane's Friends for FIRST event on September 7, 2013 to be updated when the event draws near.


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