Chickens for Change

Ethan E., a 4 year old affected with non-bullous CIE, started taking an interest in incubating eggs and hatching chicks when he was 3 and his mother read him a story in which a chicken hatched from an egg.  The family lives on an 80 acre property with gardens, but no chickens.  The family got a few heritage-breed eggs and created a home-made incubator.  Ethan tended the eggs and watched the chicks hatch.  They hatched 2 baby roosters and 2 baby hens.  When the hens laid more eggs, there were more chickens, and so on.  Ethan decided to sell some of the eggs and donate the proceeds to FIRST.

Ethan's story caught the attention of Carolina Country magazine.  Ethan was then featured on the cover with a 2-page story about him in the November 2010 issue.

You can read the entire pdf of Ethan's story here

Reprinted with permission from Carolina Country, the monthly magazine of North Carolina’s Touchstone Energy cooperatives.

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