Caregivers' Guide: Section 3

In general, the goal in taking care of a child with ichthyosis is to hydrate (moisturize) the skin, hold in the moisture, and keep scale thickness to a minimum. But remember – ichthyosis is different from person to person. Two people with the same type of ichthyosis may have very different expressions of the condition and their response to the similar treatments may be very different as well. What works well for one person may not work well for you or your child. For instance, a lotion that works wonderfully for one child may be painful and even harmful for your child. Your dermatologist and pediatrician are, of course, excellent sources of information. But don’t forget a third professional - the pharmacist. A good pharmacist can make life much easier for a family dealing with ichthyosis. He or she can offer suggestions, keep you informed about new products, place special orders for you, and offer you discounts for products you buy in bulk.


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