On March 20, 2004 over 150 friends, neighbors, and relatives of the Medlock Bridge community in Alpharetta, GA, gathered for a Saturday evening of fun, entertainment, and shopping. The event was entitled "A Bid for a Cure," and included a live and silent auction. The best part about this special gathering was that all proceeds raised from the auction were designated for ichthyosis-related research. The event raised $40,000; a phenomenal success, compared to the original goal of $5,000! Last fall, Mark and Kelly Klafter, parents of two-year-old Adam, affected with Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis, decided they wanted to raise money for research. After meeting with friends, the group agreed to host an auction in their neighborhood clubhouse. They hoped to raise about $5,000. Mark, Kelly, and their friends went to work and began soliciting auction items and the floodgates opened! Community businesses donated food, beverages, and supplies. Friends of friends were calling to donate items for the auction. The response was overwhelming! Donations of trips, art, household items, autographed sports memorabilia, plus much more came pouring in. Even the professional auctioneer donated his time. A big part of this grassroots fundraiser was the donation of a $2,500 gift certificate to a resort in Myrtle Beach, NC. The Klafters and their committee decided to raffle this prize and raised more than $12,000 in raffle donations alone. Combining this remarkable success with the bids for over 85 auction items, the group raised $40,000 for ichthyosis-related research. Congratulations to the Klafters, their committee of friends, neighbors and family members! Both Kelly and Mark welcome the opportunity to talk with other Foundation members about their experience and share what they learned through their first grassroots fundraiser. Please contact the national office if you would like to contact the Klafter's.

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