Ichthyosis Vulgaris

Other names: common ichthyosis, ichthyosis simplex

OMIM: 146700

Inheritance: autosomal semi-dominant

Incidence: 1:250 - 1:5,000

Key findings:

  • skin: fine, polygonal, flat whitish scales that may be darker on distal extremities; face and flexural areas usually spared; accentuated markings on palms and soles; often scaling around hair follicles on extremities

Associated findings: nasal allergies, asthma or eczema in >50%

Age at first appearance: early childhood; not usually present at birth

Long-term course: lifelong; marked seasonal variation; distinctly worse in dry climates

Diagnostic tests: skin biopsy can be highly suggestive, but not diagnostic

Abnormal gene: profilaggrin (FLG)

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