Release the Butterfly Tour Travels to Lancaster

The second stop of the Release the Butterfly tour brought Tracie & Bailey Pretak to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the home town of the Stern family, whose daughter Bella  is affected with congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma (ARCI-CIE).

Eight individuals affected by ichthyosis were in attendance, including Bailey Pretak, Mikela Murphy, Abby Evans, Bella Stern, Daniel Saylor who is affected by harlequin ichthyosis, Brooklyn Taylor, Alec Kober, and Evan Musso, all of whom are affected with ARCI-lamellar type ichthyosis. Hunter Steinitz, who is affected by harlequin ichthyosis also made an appearance via FaceTime as she is studying abroad in London.  

The event featured its signature interview portion, entitled Behind the Butterflies. Panelists included Bailey Pretak, who has ARCI-lamellar type ichthyosis, Mikela Murphy, affected by ARCI-CIE/lamellar Ichthyosis and Abby Evans, who has ARCI-lamellar type ichthyosis. All of the panelists were questioned about living with rare genetic skin condition. The host was Hannah Timm of Havre de Grace, MD.

Adding a special touch to the day’s event, Dr. Zaenglein, a dermatologist from Hershey, organized a "family gathering" prior to the concert to give ichthyosis families an opportunity to connect.

Also, earlier in the day Bella Stern and her older sister Ava wanted to put their own special touch on the fundraising/awareness efforts. Bella was selling drinks in front of her house, while Ava got together with three of her friends to make bead jewelry to sell.  The girls surpassed their goal of raising $100, and contributed $290 to the event’s total. “Their enthusiasm and excitement was so contagious and added a special touch to the event,” said Tracie Pretak.

Performers at the event included:
Bailey Pretak (Wilcox, PA)     Vocal/Dance/Piano Accompaniment
Tracie Pretak (Wilcox, PA)     Vocal/Piano Accompaniment
Mikela Murphy (Baltimore, MD)     Viola
Mark Saylor (New Cumberland, PA)     Bass Guitar
Nicole Saylor (New Cumberland, PA)     Vocal/Piano Accompaniment
Dominique Benninger (Camp Hill, PA)     Vocal/Guitar
Brittany Leitzel (Lancaster, PA)     Vocal
Ross Bish (Ridgway, PA)     Vocal/Director of Group Song
Sarah Timm-Hess (Lancaster, PA)     Vocal
David Timm (Lancaster, PA)     Vocal
Leah Timm-Wolgemuth (Manheim, PA)     Vocal
Hannah Timm (Havre de Grace, MD)     Vocal
Matt Macis (Baltimore, MD)     Vocal
Liz Fulmer (Lancaster, PA)     Vocal/Guitar
George Swank (Lancaster, PA)     Vocal/Mandolin
Abby Swank (Lancaster, PA)     Vocal
Asa W. Carns (Clearfield, PA)     Piano/Organ/Accompaniment
Melody, Juliana & Savannah Saylor  (New Cumberland, PA) Vocal

The next stop of the Release the Butterfly Tour is in Johnsonburg on October 17.

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