Tracie and Bailey
Release the Butterfly Concert a Wonderful Evening
FIRST member Tracie P. and her daughter, Bailey, who is affected with lamellar ichthyosis, have hosted concert evenings for FIRST frequently over the past 15 years. These concerts have been held at a local church and feature spiritual music performed by church members and friends.
This year, their “Release the Butterfly” concert was held at the Johnsonburg High School Auditorium on a Saturday evening in September. This concert spotlights friends of Bailey’s with dancing and/or singing talents performing songs selected because the lyrics share messages about what it is like to live being “different.” 
The name “Release the Butterfly” was selected from literature that FIRST created during our early years. At that time, a story was shared that some parents were concerned about their child being born with ichthyosis. The doctor told them to think of their child as a butterfly in a cocoon and that they must “release the butterfly.” Thanks to love and support from family, friends, and the community, that has happened in Bailey. The hope is to now be able to do that in every child affected with ichthyosis.
Friends of the Pretak’s who joined with them showcasing their talents were:
All of the concert participants
Claire Grazioli, Bry Harvey, Nicole Holland, Kaitlin Yankovich, Madison Yankovich, Jensine Coudriet, Kristin Dippold, Sophie Herzing, Rachel Keller, Ellen McGowan, Maddie O’Leary, Kaitlin Quinn, Kaarina Hemdal, Sarri Swanson, and Kate Undercoffer
Tara Hart, Sami Ferragine, Nicole Rose, Haley Freeburg, Betty Schogren, Rene Smith, Maddie O’Leary, and Kaitlin Quinn
With 100 people in attendance, the evening was a wonderful success!

In addition to the concert, the faculty at Johnsonburg Elementary School, which Bailey attended as a youngster, organized a jeans day to raise money for FIRST. The combined amount raised through these efforts was more than $1,700. FIRST is so grateful to Tracie, Bailey and all of their friends for their efforts on our behalf.
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