GeneDx Sponsors Art Show

Ray Jubela displays his photography.

Staff members at GeneDx joined together to display their artistic talents and support FIRST. Board of Directors and Medical & Scientific Advisory Board member, Sherri Bale is the managing director at GeneDx and very committed to FIRST. There was a large space in their building about to undergo renovations. Sherri asked Ray Jubela, the Accessions Supervisor and a budding photographer, if he would like to have a show in that space. He agreed and encouraged others to participate with him. GeneDx staff members, and friends and family members with artistic talents, ranging from photography, to painting, to pottery and metalwork joined the show. Mr. Jubela selected FIRST as the recipient of any funds raised through this evening. Some 50 people attended the evening and enjoyed light refreshments along with the variety of artwork displayed. It was a terrific evening of sharing, raising more than $500 for FIRST.














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