Aldeyra Therapeutics, Inc. announced that it has opened enrollment for its Phase II clinical trial of NS2 for patients with ichthyosis due to Sjögren-Larsson syndrome.  The study is being conducted at the University of Nebraska Medical Center with FIRST MSAB (Medical Scientific Advisory Board) member, Dr. Bill Rizzo as the Principal Investigator.   Find out more specific information regarding the SLS clinical trial, or contact Sara Jones by phone 402-559-1747 or email at if you are interested in participating or would like to learn more about the clinical trial.

This Phase of the Study is Now Closed.

Please read more regarding results of Phase II clinical trial of NS2 for patients with ichthyosis due to Sjögren-Larsson Syndrome.

About NS2
NS2 is an aldehyde-binding small molecule based on an innovative platform technology focused on trapping free aldehydes, which are toxic and pro-inflammatory mediators of numerous diseases. By decreasing aldehyde load, NS2 may mitigate excessive inflammation and address diseases where aldehydes are thought to mediate pathology.

About Sjögren-Larsson syndrome
Sjögren-Larsson Syndrome (SLS) is a rare disease genetic disease caused by mutations in the gene that encodes an enzyme called fatty aldehyde dehydrogenase (FALDH). This mutation results in severe ichthyosis (scaly, thickened, dry skin), neurological disorders (which may include spasticity, seizures, and cognitive delay), and in some patients, retinal disease. A therapy is currently being developed by Aldeyra Therapeutics to facilitate removal of excess fatty aldehydes in patients with SLS.The drug, NS2, is investigational and has not been approved for sale in the U.S. or elsewhere.

About Aldeyra Therapeutics, Inc.
Aldeyra Therapeutics, Inc., is a biotechnology company focused primarily on the development of products to treat diseases thought to be related to endogenous free aldehydes, a naturally occurring class of toxic molecules. The company has developed NS2, a product candidate designed to trap free aldehydes. Aldeyra has initiated clinical testing of NS2 for the treatment of Sjögren-Larsson syndrome.”

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