Superheroes Come to Life at a Birthday Party

When you celebrate a birthday, it is such a fun occasion, surrounded by family and friends. Some people make the celebration even more special when opting to donate their presents to a good cause.  Such is the case for Craig Hodgkinson.  Recently, Craig’s wife Sarah and his family surprised him with a superhero-themed celebration for his 45th birthday and everyone came dressed up as superheroes.  They hosted the party at the Enchanted Theater Company, where their 10-year-old daughter Ema takes drama classes, and Craig and Sarah attend Improve Nights on the first Friday of each month. Rather than having attendees bring a gift, the Hodgkinson family asked each participant to instead make a donation to FIRST in honor of Ema, who is affected with ARCI-CIE type ichthyosis.    The evening was so much fun for all who joined in the celebration and more than $300 was raised for FIRST.  Many thanks to the Hodgkinsons, their family, and their friends for your continued support over the years!

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