A Half-Marathon with Full Results!

FIRST member Andrew Sanders had competed in a half-marathon a couple of years ago, as had his wife Heather.  They playfully competed with each for the better time. Parents to 2-year-old Ruairi who is affected with epidermolytic ichthyosis (EI), Andrew decided that the Houston Half Marathon was the perfect opportunity to raise funds for FIRST.

Having attended the 2014 National Family Conference – Indianapolis, and participating in the FIRST Facebook pages, the Sanders family has received so much support from FIRST and the ichthyosis community that they wanted to give back.  And give back they have!  This is the second fundraiser that they organized on behalf of FIRST, organizing a FIRST Night at the Houston Astros last summer.

Almost $1,000 has been raised through the Houston Half Marathon race.  Many, many thanks to Andrew and Heather for everything they’ve done for FIRST.

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