In honor of Rare Disease Day, Erin Burke E. and her family held several different coordinated FIRST fundraising events.  First, they held a group fundraising dinner at Chick-fil-A, which included a donation box.  They also had a T-shirt sale. More than $625 was raised through both efforts! Erin's son Ethan, who is affected with lamellar ichthyosis, also helped create an awareness poster to display at Chick-fil-A and handed out ribbons and informed the public about ichthyosis.

Additionally, shirts were donated to Ethan's class, so when he arrived at school on Rare Disease Day, he would come in to a room of support!  And Erin presented a lesson on recessive inheritance to Ethan’s second grade class, teaching them how to use a punnet square to determine which children's genotype would match with their parents' for rare disease day.  Thanks to all for making a difference!

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